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More Mesu-guided  images added to Astrophotos Page 4.

EQ6 Blog updated  

Latest Update: 13 Nov 2013

Ok - Onto a fourth page.

Thought I needed to practice some longer range imaging, so I had a go at NGC6946.  

This is a 9th mag galaxy in the Cygnus/Cepheus area.  It’s made extra tricky because we have to look right through the bulk of our own galaxy to see it.

The raw data for this image wasn’t great, so processing was a case of salvaging what I could.

Funny to think that if there’s intelligent life on just one planet, associated with just one of the stars in this galaxy, and it’s listening out for our SETI transmissions, they’ll be getting to them in about 22 million years time!

Astrophotography 4

Photos 3 891-3.jpg

NGC891 is a much imaged target.  In fact I  first caught it almost 12 years ago, with a modded webcam and a meade LX90 (photo here).

It’s around 30 Million light years away and nearly 120,000 from end to end.

This version is the first light from my fixed Mesu 200, which Lucas kindly delivered in person!

The scope is an Altair Astro 8”RC, reduced to about 1150mm f5.5-ish with a CCDT67, off-axis guided with an SX Lodestar, all caught with an Atik 460.

10x15 minute unfiltered Luminance exposures.

There are a few smaller fuzzies in this frame. The small barred spiral lower left is PGC9101 and PGC2194768 is just visible further out .

Well, I think the Mesu is now working very nicely.

Another crescent nebula shot here, just 3 Ha subframes as a quick guiding test.  This is taken with the RC8 - unreduced, so a full 1600mm focal length.

And for once the collimation is quite close and the ccd is flat!  I wish I could get it so repeatably…

I haven’t taken the bubble nebula for ages, so thought I’d have a go in narrow band.

To be honest, I could have done with more data here (only 10min unbinned subs at F7), and struggled to get the colour balance that I wanted, but I’m not too unhappy with this.

Taken with the Altair Wave 115 refractor (800mm FL) on the mesu.

The second image is after another four 30 min Ha subs, and is processed to have more natural colours (even though it’s still Ha Oiii Sii)

NGC891 yet again here, but this time the star shapes are a little better - still not perfect.  I also have reflections, either from the filter or the camera glass.  And it’s still a bit too aggressively processed.  I’ll get there next year maybe!

This is RC8 at 1600mm, off axis guided with lodestar.  I think this is the first set of subframes which I managed to dither with the Sky X in control.

Atik 460 catching the photons, as with all the images on this page.