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My EQ6 Project - Page 10 - Latitude Adjustment/Bolts

Come on, who has an Eq 6 and thinks the latitude adjustment mechanism is up to the job?  Pretty sure there’s a reason why loads of people sell stronger bolts for this.

But I don’t believe the bolt material is at fault.  Instead there is an obvious flaw in the design for anyone who lives further north than about 20 degrees of Latitude.

The image to the right shows the mount with the side plates removed (and in the bin as they were in 3 pieces by that point), and shows the bolt approach angles.

The photo left, shows how the bolt which increases latitude pushes at a tangent to the surface receiving the pressure.  This means the bolt is easily bent, as it is being forced down as you attempt to raise the polar axis.

The simple solution here is to separate the two parts, drill a depression around 8mm dia and 3-4mm deep where the mark from the bolt tip is seen.  It is quite important that you drill at an angle close to that which the bolt will approach the driven surface. Hopefully you can just make this out on the right.

EQ6 Page 9

The pics below show how the tip of the latitude bolt is now held in place by the recess.  The hole is just deep enough to stop the bolt slipping down.  I could have gone deeper here, to be honest, but this is enough to do the job. The load is now applied orthogonal to the bolt axis.

EQ6 Page 11