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My EQ6 Project - Page 9 - Counterweight Collar Sleeve

One aspect of the mount which has always niggled me slightly is the play in the counterweight bar. This wasn’t huge by any means, but meant that the bar end would sometimes suddenly drop by 2 or 3mm during slews, as the weights pulled the bar down.

I thought that machining a sleeve to tightly fit the bar, and boring out the existing counterweight collar to take the sleeve shouldn’t be too difficult.

The sleeve and bored out collar is shown on the right, and the full assembly below.  

To really beef it all up, I drilled and tapped 3 holes in the old collar to take M5 hex head bolts, but to be honest they’re not really necessary to hold it all together, as I turned the parts to be a slight interference fit.

But guess what, no more slop, and no sudden shifts during slews.

Will be a bit surprised if replacement collars don’t start springing up soon, but I think it took me a bit too long to make it, to be viable as an upgrade.

Pretty sure any machinist could do this in a couple of hours.

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