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Latest Update: 13 Nov 2013

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My EQ6 Project

Having yearned for an equatorial mount with a small and smooth periodic error, I finally accepted that I couldn’t afford a Takahashi or Astro-Physics mount, so in April I took a chance and bought a SkyWatcher EQ6 pro from FLO.

It’s performance out of the box wasn’t a disaster, but the noises it made, both when setting off on a slew and stopping, was enough to make anyone with a decent amount of mechanical sympathy cringe!

So I stripped, cleaned and rebuilt it with the aid of astro-baby’s excellent guide, and in spite of about 20 attempts to improve the gear mesh, it was pretty much the same, so I decided to convert it to belt drive as shown over the next few pages.

I’ve gone a bit further than many, but the initial results look quite promising.  And all you can hear are the stepper motors spinning up and down.

Get a coffee, there’s a lot of info here.  - I have updated this section to show how I removed the play in the counterweight shaft, well I needed to use my new lathe for something other than just the belt conversion.

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