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Astronomy and Astrophotography.

Like many, my interest in astronomy has been there since I was a child.

In 2001 I bought a Meade LX90 as a present to myself for finishing 7 years of OU.

After a few months visual observing I became involved in the development of modifications for low cost webcams for astronomical use.  Reading across from the work of Steve Chambers and Jon  Grove, I applied the technique to the new (but similar) ccd controller of one of the early Logitech QC3000 webcams.

Some of my favourite images are still those taken with these modded webcams, and some are shown on this site.  One of these is made up of RGB from the quickcam and L from  a JG-modded exview camera.  I can’t take the credit for combining these into a much better image, some kind soul saw both images on a forum and worked his magic.

After a prolonged break, my kit is being brought back into service, with the addition of a vintage SBIG ST7 - a camera I dreamed about 10 years ago, but can now afford.  My latest project involves the conversion of a Skywatcher EQ6 mount to belt drive and is described here.  Bottom centre is my new favourite astro-photo, taken with an old ED80 and ST7, on the Eq6, guided with an orion 50mm Guidescope and SSAG.

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